• Washington Post

    The days of executives prizing discretion over safety need to be over, said Rachel Zaslansky Sheer, co-founder of the Grapevine Agency, a staffing firm to the stars.

    “If anything feels off, don’t do it,” Sheer said she tells job candidates. “Say something. It’s not worth it. Nothing is worth it.”

  • LA Times - West Magazine

    "My biggest thrill", she says, "comes when I look into a person's eyes and realize I've discovered a brand-new star. I mean assistant star."

  • The Hollywood Reporter

    "Clearly, there's a ton of cleaning that needs to be done, as well as management of the property and grounds." explains Lori Zuker Briller, a partner in the Grapevine.

  • Channel 7 Sunrise

    "Star Secrets: Inside the world of celebrity assistants"

    Rachel's interview begins at 1:40.

  • Cosmopolitan

    As the founder of the Grapevine Agency, Rachel Zaslansky Sheer helps find personal assistants for lots of celebs.

  • The Hollywood Reporter

    "Everyone may wear khaki shorts, polo shirts and espadrilles as a household look," according to The Grapevine's Rachel Sheer

  • Ok! Magazine

    "The busy actress and humanitarian, who already has one nanny on staff, has consulted with Los Angeles-based Grapevine Agency, which helps supply staff to Hollywood's elite."

    Lori Zuker Briller, a partner at The Grapevine, tells OK!, "We never comment on our clients"

  • ELLE Magazine - France

    "The Grapevine Agency is featured in Elle France"

  • The Hollywood Reporter

    15th Annual Women in Entertainment-Power 100

    "BEST BACKUP: Hollywood mothers and celebrities sing praises for the Grapevine, and for good reason"