House & Pet Service

We make finding that special someone easy.

House Sitting: One of the biggest stresses when one is away from home is the concern that the house itself is safe. You don’t have to worry about your mail, your plants, or the security of your home when you have a reliable and experienced house sitter who can keep an eye on things for you while you are away.

Pet Sitting: Personalized, professional service dedicated to providing loving, experienced care for your pet in the comfort and security of your home. Caring pet owners know that their animals adjust better to their leaving and have less stress when they remain in their own routine and surroundings. This service offers you peace of mind knowing while you are away your pet will be well cared for by a professional in your own home.

Dog Walking: if you are at work all day or if you just don’t have time during the week to give your dog the long walk, rigorous hike, or the run at the park they deserve, professional dog walkers can be essential. This service is personalized to accommodate not only your schedule but also the specific needs of your dog.